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Buy palo santo oil from Peru, essential Bursera graveolens oil

 Buy palo santo oil from Peru

Palo santos is a species from the Burserácea family, it grows in the tropical forests of South America. Palo santo is a protected species and is collected during winter in the tropics, from June to January.
To obtain essential oil with steam distillation, the tree should die naturally and dry for a minimum of four years. A study was recently carried out, where a tree was cut and left to dry the same amount of time. The result didn't produce any essence. The wood and resin produces the oil.
Essential palo santo oil is obtained without cutting trees. The dead wood is only processed when it dies naturally, when found in forests. The tree grows for 40 years, dies and then after 10 additional years it is processed.
Palo Santo essence is calming and transmits energy. The oil is used in aromatherapy and messages. For natives, the spirit of Palo Santo is in this essential oil, responsible for its potency and curative qualities.


- Anti-inflammatory for muscles and articulation.
- Decongestant: reduces inflammation and nasal mucous.
- Is useful for the nervous system, as a sedative.
- In processes of happiness, bites, etc.

1 or 2 drops on the skin; when suffering from a cold or joint pain, apply on the chest and massage.
May be diluted with other oils (olive oil) and used in message therapy. Activates circulation and recharges the energy level.
May be used in aromatherapy; add a couple drops to hot water.
May be used in relaxation therapies; dilute several drops in water and dissolve the vapor into the environment with an oil diffuser.


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Palo santo originates in South America: in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, and Argentina. It has been used in purification rituals since time immemorial. When the Spanish arrived on the new continent, they called it Santo, meaning "Saint".We are suppliers of palo santo oil and sticks.

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